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SKU: 977

Sakura Celebration Tea Set


In Japan, the blooming of the Sakura flower is such a joyous occasion, there is a celebration that lasts weeks. We thought this celebration was so wonderful there should be a gift set to commemorate the wonders of the cherry blossom. This beautiful set comes with an elevated tea set decorated with the beautiful flower. The teapot has a handy stainless-steel infuser included to make all kinds of loose-leaf tea. Included is a decorated tin with our Sakura Sencha tea inside of it. All who will come and share tea with you will be dazzled by this vibrant set and excited to celebrate any occasion. All products are made lovingly in Japan.

Gift set includes:

  • 1 Sakura Ceramic Teapot
  • 2 Sakura Ceramic Mugs
  • 50g of Sakura Sencha Tea
  • 1 Sakura Wash Paper Tin