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Chicago Teahouse

Getting to Know Our Tea Sommelier, Agnieszka Rapacz

Agnieszka (Agnes) Rapacz

Agnieszka was first introduced to tea growing up in Poland, where tea is a social and cultural beverage. She found a deep connection with the world of tea and was inspired by the quote “You will never have to work a day in your life if you do something you’re passionate about”. Later on, Agnieszka graduated from DePaul and was hired as Director of Finance at TeaGschwendner, a German premium loose leaf tea company. As her knowledge and love for tea blossomed, Agnieszka found her calling and became a certified Tea Sommelier in 2017.

Soon after, she opened tea shops in Chicago to bring together people and tea from all around the world. Agnieszka has traveled to many exotic countries to learn first hand about tea culture and how it goes from a tea leaf to the perfect brew in your cup. Most recently, she has expanded and opened her very own tea shop and online store to serve various globally-recognized, high quality tea brands and tea accessories to tea lovers all over the country. Agnieszka welcomes you to dive deeper into the world of tea with her tea shop, Chicago Teahouse.


The Best Tea Shop in Chicago

In 2012 Agnieszka acquired TeaGschwendner US, voted The Best Tea Shop in Chicago by Chicago Magazine and earned the distinguished certification as a Tea Sommelier to ensure her clients that she offers only the best tea world has to offer. Now, her teas are trusted by Navy Pier, Art Institute of Chicago, Drake Hotel, Christkinldmarket of Milwaukee, Chicago, and Carmel Indiana.

Chicago Teahouse has a dedicated passion for providing world-class teas and tea accessories. We are constantly sourcing the finest teas the world has to offer. Our significant experience and enthusiasm for finding the best teas and flavors is our corporate mission.

We would like to share with you our extensive offering at our downtown State Street location in Chicago - We look forward to meeting you!

Visiting Tea Gardens

Tea is not only something you taste, but a drink that offers an experience beginning from trying different tea brands and flavors, the brewing process and from the very first sip to the last. Agnieszka has traveled to Japan, Austria, China, New Zealand and South Africa to bring worldly flavors right to your tea cup.

Did you know? Almost all tea comes from the same leaf, what creates the unique flavors, colors and smells is how it’s harvested, prepared and combined with other natural fruits, herbs and plants.

Pictured is Agnieszka, visiting one of the oldest tea plantations in Kyoto and its matcha factory, where you will experience the handling of a green tea mill and tasting.

What brings quality to tea? In New Zealand, Agnieszka experienced harvesting tea leaves by hand and learned that the careful harvesting process prevents the tea leaves from
sustaining damage and losing quality and flavor.

Passionate about your cup of tea and want to learn more about its production styles, history, health properties, and culture?

Join me for tea tasting held in the Chicago Teahouse, or through Zoom.