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Christmas Morning Sampler


What could make Christmas morning better than tea? Make waking up in the cold weather so  much cozier with this charming caffeinated collection. English Breakfast, Winter Pine, Xmas Coco, and matcha will be your best friends this winter with the Christmas Morning Sampler. 

The Christmas Morning Sampler includes classic English Breakfast, a strong black tea, as well as its sweeter companion Xmas Coco, a black tea accented with cocoa peels and nibs, raspberry, cranberry, blackberry leaves, and cinnamon. Also featured is Winter Pine, a green tea with bright flavors of orange, almonds, safflower, and pink peppercorns, as well as two convenient organic matcha sticks for a caffeine boost on those busy mornings. 

Whatever your morning mood is this season, this set has got you covered! 

Packed carefully in box and festive tea tin. Ready to be gifted.

  • 10gr of each tea (enough for a 22oz teapot) 
  • 2 organic matcha to go sticks ( Made in Japan)