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Kyu Banko Hira Lava, 12-Ounces


A true masterpiece in the world of tea brewing. This teapot is not only exquisitely designed but also meticulously crafted to ensure that every cup of tea you make is a delight to the senses.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Kyu Banko Hira's elegant appearance. Its captivating dark grey color, expertly adorned with intricate details, will effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any tea ceremony. This teapot is a true work of art that will make you feel like a connoisseur every time you use it.

But the Kyu Banko Hira teapot is not just a pretty face. It is a marvel of functionality and efficiency. Made from high-quality lava clay, this teapot has exceptional heat-retaining properties, which means your tea will stay at the perfect temperature for longer, allowing you to fully savor its flavors. No more rushed sips or lukewarm disappointments – with the Kyu Banko Hira, every moment of tea drinking becomes an experience to be cherished.

12 oz. capacity

Dark grey.
4-1/2" diam. x 3-1/4"h.
A stainless steel strainer is integrated into the interior of the pot over the spout.
Made in Japan.