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Marzipan Honey


Attention all almond and marzipan enthusiasts! Prepare yourself for a truly marvelous experience as we combine the sumptuous textures and flavors of raw honey and marzipan in one unforgettable concoction.

Made with only the finest ingredients, our Marzipan Honey is a harmonious blend of raw honey and the rich, nutty goodness of almonds. Smooth, velvety, and utterly irresistible, it spreads effortlessly on toast, croissants, or your favorite baked goods.

In Germany, it is a staple in cakes, cookies, and desserts, and even enjoyed simply covered in sumptuous chocolate. Now, we bring this extraordinary delight to you in a spreadable form, available exclusively at our shop.

Made In Germany. 

248g / 8.7oz